Anyone using

I anyone using how are their rates and what tier network they are ?
are the on par with tribal-fusion/casale etc or not?

so no one is using them?
they are owned by aol, I thought they must be big!

they are big indeed, they mostly deal with large sites and just because they are big it does not mean their rates is great.

i used them a while back and their rates is not that great (2nd tire network rates).

i do not know about their rates nowadays

I’ve used them a few years ago, send them US only traffic and got $0.07 cpm… Never bothered with them again after.

I used them for a period, but grew frustrated with their lack of flexibility (no defaults, no floor CPMs, etc.) and them forcing me to print and sign a new paper contract every 3-6 months or so. I had an issue with one of their reps, as well, where I felt that I was being misled. So, I stopped using them.