Anyone uses

lately, i started using this to monitor my originality in my articles. having no other reliable tool I use it on a regular basis.
is it sufficient? is there anything better?

I use copyscape regularly. I have a premium membership and I believe it’s well-worth the very low cost. I’ve checked other methods (Google) and other online copy checking applications and I don’t believe any can beat copyscape.

10x :slight_smile:

You lost me there. What is 10x?

I don’t understand the 10x thing but copyscape has a great reputation behind them. I’ve used them before just to see any of my material seemed a little to similar. provides the best tools to check the originality of your site.There is no other site providing such a reliability.

Yes I do use copyscape and its pretty good provide you with enough details to figure out copied content.

I been using copyscape for the 6 years and I think it’s Great

im using copyscape and its really a good tool…its been 3 years and im still into it :slight_smile:

Obviously if you are writing the content of your site yourself then there is no point of it as you know if you are ripping someone elses work off or not however if you happen to pay people to write content for you then yeah I’ve heard it’s good for checking originality.

It is short for “thanks”


Thanks. They say you learn something new everyday… you just made my day! :slight_smile:

I have written content for the web for over 10 years and I use copyscape to check my own website content as well as checking content my clients send me for editing and finding those who have copy-pasted what I have written to their websites. The reason I check my own content is because there are tons of other writers who have websites and a lot of us have pretty similar ideas. I want to make sure that while I need to express those ideas to my potential clients, I have done it in a way that they see the content on my site is 100% original, just like the content I will write for them.

I did not find that website worth using it.
waste of time…

i do prefer

Do you care to tell us why you believed it was a waste of time?

Yes great site. Especially since they have spelling and grammar errors in the 60+ words of content on their homepage.

I think it will be great when you be the premium member,
without premium member, I think it almost meaningless -_-

Do you mean to say that without premium membership, you can’t effectively check whether the content is copied or not? I am not a premium member but have been using the service for the past five years.

I am a regular user of copy-escape and it worth to use this website to cross check the content of your webpage. You can easily track the content of your website. If someone copies/copied it, you can find out and change it easily.

This is the first time I heard since I’m just an amateur when it comes to article writing. I’m glad I found this thread going to check it now. :slight_smile:

it is very useful tool which tells you about your article originality. i use it and recommend it to others too…!!! i dont use any other tool to check my text originality.