Anyone tried Surehits

want to know if anyone has used Surehits and compared it to Adsense
best for insurnce and loan sites.
rep claims they pay more than Google.


Thanks, Jon. We actually contacted Stacy earlier this month in regards to integrating with WP. She was super nice, but said the integration was very tricky and advised that we contact Wordpress support. Unfortunately, that has been a dead end for us thus far.

I’ve seen a number of webmasters pull off the integration successfully but have not been able to replicate it. Right now we are placing the results on a static HTML page on many sites; however, I’m sure CTRs would be tremendously higher if the results were more seamlessly integrated with the site’s theme.

Thanks for your question – please contact us and we’ll see what we can do to help. Not sure who your rep is – Jeff or Stacy, but let them know you are having problems. If you’re not sure of your rep, please call 405-232-2272 and ask for Stacy.


Jon @ SureHits

Sorry to hear that.

Shoot me an email jon @ surehits . com with your contact info and other sites where you’ve seen it work and I’ll see what I can do.


I’ve been having a lot of difficulty trying to integrate the Surehits javascript with Wordpress. Specifically the results page.

Does anyone have any pointers as to how to make this work without resorting to directing users to a non-WP, static HTML results page?


rep claims they pay more than Google

This sounds good but I think this is only their slogan to attract some people. I did tried yet with that system. The one I have now is the adsense and it’s against in adsense TOS if you use other ads together with them.

planing to open an insurance website

I did tried yet with that system. The one I have now is the adsense and it’s against in adsense TOS.

not looking to use it with adsense… I want to use it alone.

I think this is only their slogan to attract some people.

Hi guys, just wanted to stop in and say hello. I run the Insurance division at SureHits.

We do generally pay out very well relative to AdSense given our focus on the Insurance vertical, our relationships with the top insurance companies and the user response to our listings.

I would be happy to answer any questions you have about us.


Jon Kelly, VP Insurance, SureHits

Do you accept non-american traffic websites?


I’m sorry to say we can only pay for U.S. users since our advertisers are all U.S. insurance companies. However, we can pay non-U.S. companies or sites hosted outside the U.S. so long as the users are U.S.


Sounds interesting and very focused. I working on a insurance site as we speak. I"ll keep you in mind


Viral marketing tool

i hava a couple of auto insurance sites using surehits ads

they pay good cpc $4 to $5+ cpc
but they have a 2 page lander

plus they filter out a whole lot of my traffic, even when it’s from usa - I don’t know if they have a time or depth of site requirement to count your clicks

but i do know i make more with other feed providers with $1 cpc that don’t have the 2 page lander and don’t filter so heavily

they are easy to set up so it won’t take much of your time to try them - be sure you read tos before placing code on untargeted sites - can’t do that - but you would expect that

I’m sure , not by now , maybe in the futur

Thanks everyone for your comments. The advice to check our T&C’s is definitely good – we are looking for quality traffic with no incentivized offers or brand infringement allowed.

As to the payout and filtering, we are definitely not for everyone. It is easy to set up and I encourage everyone to try our offer and see how it converts for you versus other offerings.

Jon @ SureHits