Anyone tried

anyone tried
are they a cpa or a cpm network

it seems like they accepted my site instantly

do they pay?

The payment trash hold is USD100 and it can take months to reach the amount before you can cash it out.

Earning from smowtion network is however, quite consistent.

Tried them when they launched a couple years ago.

  • They are a CPM network, but most of the ads were redirected from other networks, wich made the rates suck. This might have changed since that time.

  • Their support was ok

  • They are based primarily in Argentina i think, no one was complaining about not getting paid when i made my research, but then again, i don’t think many people were even reaching the minimum payment threshold with their low rates.

I’d stay away from ad networks that don’t have a good reputation. I personally haven’t heard of them but let us know of your future experience.