Anyone tried or heard

Hi everyone, contacted me to buy adspace from my site. Their offer was good but i couldnt find any information about them. no adress, no phone number etc. Their domain information is hidded. Seems like a scam to me but just wanted to ask. Anyone?

With impression based online advertising, CPMonly provides simple and innovative advertising solutions for publishers and advertisers across the web.

That’s what I’ve seen on It maybe a new website.

Hi all, I am replying to this thread b/c I am hearing that this is the only forum post (when Google searching CPMonly) that is causing us to lose new business.

The publisher that was in violation to our network T&Cs, did not need to clarify which URL he was identifying, as it was the only publisher in the last year in which CPMonly has had to withhold payment from. The publisher was contacted to deactivate the tags and did not in a timely manner.

I would like to put this idea to rest regarding the legitimacy of our network. We recently have moved into a new ad serving/reporting solution in which advertisers have access to buy from our publisher base in revolutionary RTB (real time buying) methods. This overall has increased our ad quality and cleanliness, fill rates, and overall back line CPMs.

If you need reference contacts please email me directly robert[a] as we would love to sign on any potential new business.

Also I should point out that if we have skeptical first time sign ups, we are always willing to do a 3 day test period in which payment is made at the end of the 3 days. On top of this we offer net 5 payment terms, in which publisher payments are made by the 5th of the next month (and usually sooner).

Thanks for doing your research.


We did not violate any TOS. CPMONLY just ran off with our money without any response to our payment requests.

How you run ads for someone for 3 months, then as soon as the first payment is due say they are violating TOS without even notifying them or responding?

This is pretty clear fraud and because you HIDE who you are I think people will agree with me.

Huge waste of time.

In regards to the above mentioned post about how we do not pay, I would like to point out as one of the network co-owners that the publisher mentioned above was in violation of our network T&Cs.

Due to this we were unable to retrieve compensation for the ad impressions run on this publisher’s site. However payment would not be made, as also stated in the network T&Cs.

Our ad network is still growing greatly, and continues to build a legitimate network reputation with those pubs and advertisers who play by the rules.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions about our network.

We would love to sign you up and see what CPM rates we can lock you in at.


how did you know he violated your T&Cs without knowing his website?
can you provide us a proof that he cheated you?
could please post the legit websites you work with that you actually paid them?

I would love to try you guys but i need to know that you do pay

Small cheques will be cleared instantly but once you get a big fish i am sure it will take ur breadth to pull that money off from them.

This thread shows up 2nd in search for “cpmonly” so I am responding due to the nature of the information.

I worked with cpmonly Oct - Dec 2009. cpmonly refuses to make payment and have ignored all emails I have sent to them.

I can not find any phone number or address for this company. Can someone help me find details about this company so I can send some money collectors after them.

I also warn everyone else to get details about this company before using them. Get some valid phone numbers and mailing addresses.

I trusted them, you should not. Please let me know if you find anything that could be helpful.


Shouldn’t that be enough NOT to do it?

right :wink:

it’s a new company, i would be carefull when using them

Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (
Domain Name: CPMONLY.COM
Created on: 02-Mar-08
Expires on: 02-Mar-09
Last Updated on: 02-Mar-08

Administrative Contact:
Private, Registration
Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax – (480) 624-2598

Technical Contact:
Private, Registration
Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax – (480) 624-2598

Domain servers in listed order:

even a turtle has to stick his neck out to get anywhere

if you’re not getting burned once in a while, then you’re not taking enough chances

start small and scale in slowly after you get through a payment cycle

what was their offer

seems a good name and if its

I am guessing its a new license rental company for cpanel.

Domains worth $200 ish if sold to the right person so at least it mite not be a kid.

Be careful.

Hello all - my name is Robert, the original contact from who contacted Nart - It is correct we are a new ad network, and are currently looking for new publishers and new business.

Boxologist, I appreciate your thought, I agree, you have to start somewhere.

I understand that people need to be skeptical when making business decisions which is why we try different trial period ideas for paying for all ad impressions served after 3 or 7 days your choice. Sometimes people need to see that we pay in order to feel comfortable with this. I completely understand.

Currently our quick payment terms of payments immediately after the months end is one of the many factors that has led to a 99% publisher retention rate.

If any of you have any questions I would be glad to answer them,


Good Luck Robert …

personally i don’t have a problem with no phone contact as lots of businesses find it more cost-effective to only provide email support except to larger players

but i also know that your “domains by proxy” status will prevent some publishers from trying you unless someone they know and trust will vouch for you - so you might want to rethink that one

i know that some upstarts are seen as having a conflict of interest with other projects you may be involved in, but there are solutions - domains by proxy are generally looked upon as being used by someone who has something to hide - in your case you probably aren’t seeking to hide from publishers but some will take it that way

i sent you a email yesterday via your web form - I’ll be glad to post a postive review here at a later time if i am able to work with you, and if we aren’t a good fit I’ll have the common courtesy to post a neutral review and at least let thread participants know that we had meaningful dialogue

Like boxologist I thought I would give this company a chance. Being a Sunday (and late UK time) I wasn’t expecting much but I awoke to a reply this morning. Unfortunately I don’t produce enough US traffic. However, the e-mail was polite, clear, professional and certainly quickly dealt with.

Good luck Robert, if circumstances change I’ll be back in touch.

Quick reply, polite… it’ll have to more than that. J/K :slight_smile:

Had my share of them. But it never fails to try, but never take down ads that you’re generating revenue from and you’re expecting checks from, just incorporate the additional ad into your content or add them as a default ad that way you really don’t lose much.

Plus, I see it this way… if no one tries, no one knows. That’s the whole thing about trying to make a successful business online… it involves risks. If you don’t take them you’ll never know what could have came of it.

And you’re correct about the hidden information kenmore… it makes you cautious as to whether you want to do business. And as for numbers and addresses, it gives publishers a safety feeling, but sometimes that doesn’t even matter because I have used a few that had numbers and addresses and they turned out to be terrible.

Although I definitely agree that testing out new networks is needed, having no physical contact address is a major issue for me. Domains by proxy makes me think the company is trying to hide something.

To do business with a company I always check for a physical address. Without one, a company/person can dodge their responsibilities a lot more easily. I like a phone number, but I agree that doing support online can save costs and I would give a new network the benefit of the doubt.

Good luck with your network, but I would recommend adding some contact information, and also maybe some information about the people involved in the company.


I wanted to report back my surface findings on cpmOnly

I spoke with Robert and while we were not able to solidify any deals. He was extra helpful / informative in clarifying a few missing pieces of the puzzle I’m working on.

My overall impression is that he is a good man to know and I’m keeping him in mind for the future.

I think we have to keep in mind that not every publisher is a good fit for every media network. Probably 66% to 75% of the deals i get far enough to implement never last long, meaning both parties are not happy and they fall apart. That’s just the nature of the beast.

Thanks Robert