Anyone looked at Julia language?

I happened to hear about it in a chat room. A language called Julia which is built for scientific programming. I’ve been reading up about it and even downloaded the julia language interpreter(compiler?) from

I’ve always had an interest in scientific computing so I thought I would give it a try. Its most interesting feature is that distributed programming is part of the language.

I notice the Julia community investing resources in some of the same areas as SciPy (Scientific Python) is investing in and there seeems to be cooperation between them. Julia even its own version of iJulia similar in concept to iPython.

Julia is also a very fast language and rivals even languages like Go.

So, was just wondering what others think of this language. Thoughts anyone?

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That is very interesting.
I have always fancied myself a bit of a “collector of languages” (ready to try anything new). There are simply SO MANY languages.
Thanks for sharing this.

I hope someone does not spawn a sub-set of this language and call it “Julia’s Child”!!!