Anyone know if google prefers word press over blogger?

Does google tend to index blogger quicker than wordpress blogs or vice versa? Any insights there?

Six of one and half a dozen of the other.

There is no reason for Google to even look to see what software generated a page in determining anything.

lol . No Google does not have favoritism . If your blog is good you will end up in search results . How ever bing and Yahoo for some reason don’t like blogspot . So Wordpress is the way to go .

How fast pages are indexed usually is based on the Pagerank of that page… Plus other factors…

The other factors making up at least 100% of the total since PR has absolutely nothing whatever to do with anything.

Also until it is indexed pages don’t have a PR.

I don’t agree there are plenty of reasons, like Microsoft they want to control everything from content to os.

Your site getting indexed has nothing to do with the page rank of the website it’s hosted on, of the PR of the domain name (if it it has changed hands and not expired), and it certainly has nothing to do with which platform you use.

If anything, a plain old subdomain-of-blogger blogger blog that has just been created is likely to be indexed faster than an original WordPress site hosted on a brand new domain. The main reason for this is that as soon as your blogger blog is created, it has links from blogger pointing to it. There may not be very many and it might take a while to get indexed, but compared to a site that has 0 links, it will get indexed much faster.

Your site getting indexed mainly has to do with the websites that link to it. If the websites that link to it are likely to be crawled often by spiders, then your website is likely to be indexed quicker. Therefore if you want it indexed the fastest, bookmark it with a service like Diigo or Jumptags.

Well what I seen is if you r creating blog in blogger, it will be easily get indexed in google search engine and with little bit of seo you can well get in 1st page of google in my opinion yes they favor little bit.but this case is only for free blog on wordpress and not for self hosted site.