Anyone know how to recover IPB admin password?


I have an invision power board, and someone hacked it a week ago. I’m trying to login to my admin control panel on the board, but the password isn’t working, is there anyway to fix this?

Edit it directly in the database.

under legacy password or member key? also, is this done in the particular user’s account in the database?

also, isn’t it encrypted in the database?

I don’t know. You have the copy of IPB, open it up and see what it does to log in the admin user.

If you need to encrypt it, encrypt it however IPB encrypts it. It’s probably an md5 hash, so write a one-line PHP script to echo out the md5() of your desired password.

Next time just have a backup of your database, as running IPB or phpBB seems like an open invitation to be hacked :wink:

where can i find out info on md5 hash’s and how to write the php scripts?

<?php echo md5(‘your_new_password’); ?>

Then copy and paste it into your database.

dan, I did that and it still is telling me password incorrect…

Do I need to change anything in the

converge_pass_salt ? it says _!-gl there now

You will need to generate the password whatever way the script generates the password. If this is all too much, do a fresh install, or get IPB support to help :confused: