Anyone know an IHP with a reasonably priced shop cart with digital download?

I am looking for a web host that offers a hosting plan with a reasonably priced shopping cart with a digital download capability.

I am a print designer, not a programmer, (IWeb, Photoshop, InDesign, Quark etc.) with basic XHTML and CSS skills looking for a internet host that provides an easy to use (no programming) shopping cart that I can use to sell digital download files (pdfs, etc) along with hard copies of my books. I only have a few books (under 20) but don’t want to give Amazon or PayLoadz my content (as pdfs) so they can resell them.

A customer should be able to click on a buy button, then be able to download one file. Should work like, Free e-books or Payloadz, but be my own hosted website. I still want to have the website portion for blogs, and info on the books, then link into the store application, using an “add to cart” html link or buy now digital download link.

I am currently using Shopsite (Verio) and paying $30/month with no digital download capability. It’s basic shopsite and works pretty well but there is no PayPal interface, only Google, which is fine.

To get the digital download capability with Shopsite, Verio wants $75/month (that does not include the merchant account or payment gateway, just the cart capability). For the first 7 years that I had my ShopSite store, the store never computed sales tax into customer transactions. Only recently did Shopsite correct that error with a new upgrade.

I have looked at GoDaddy’s ecommerce offerings, but their shopping cart demos don’t show any digital download examples and the forums are rift with customers asking the same question.

I have tried Volusion and QuickCart free demos but again, the digital download capability is missing or at least not obvious in the download demos.

Thanks in advance for any information that would be helpful in my never-ending search.

Hi yosemite4, welcome to SitePoint! :slight_smile:

I may be wrong, but I think of web hosting and ecommerce providers as separate things. There are some great digital download carts out there, but you normally set up your site on your host and then link to the third party cart (which you can style to look just like your site so that the transition is seamless).

I would suggest you look at FastSpring, as they deposit money straight into your bank account, and there are no monthly fees—just a % of each sale. After much looking, I’ve settled on them for digital downloads. But there are many other good ones, like FoxyCart and Ejunkie.

Of course, you can get a CMS like osCommerce, but they take a lot of knowhow to set up and are too big for what you are doing.

Thank you so much for the response. Contacted FirstSpring on Saturday but haven’t heard back yet (I’m sure the New Year’s weekend has them on overload now). They do sound turnkey. The merchant prices are expensive (5.9% with $0.95 per transaction fee or 8.9% - one has to select between the two at the initiation of service). That appears to be the price for all transactions, the ones we fill and the digital downloads.

Thank you again for responding so quickly.

Yes, though you save the cost of a separate payment gateway, which in the past has cost me $350 per year.

What I like about paying only per transaction is that, if you are a small operation, you don’t pay fees whether or not you are getting sales. And I guess you could put the cost of the product up a bit to cover the transaction fee.