Anyone know about getting ALL posts indexed by Google please?

If you saw that Google was only indexing the last 6 months of your phpbb forums posts, which file would you edit first please?

Google will only index what Google wants to index, it’s not your decision to make. You can only decide what you don’t want them to index.
But to improve the chances, that is, to avoid pages being missed, as opposed to forcing content Google doesn’t want to index, there are thing you can do.
Make sure all content is linked to from somewhere that is indexed. Submit a sitemap with the content you want to index. Submit URLs in Search Console to request indexing.
If you still find content is not being indexed, make sure that the content is unique enough from other content, to not be considered duplicated and redundant.


Thanks Sam, I have done all that, but it’s weird that it’s always exactly the last six months, ie, when I look again at this in say three years time, it will still be the last six months back from that date???

Is there something in the software that is marking older content as noindex?

I don’t know, how could I find out please?

View the source of an unindexed page, look out for a robots tag in the head.
Or maybe check links to old content for nofollow values.

Thanks SamA74, good idea. I just looked at a post nine years old and the relevant tags are:

<meta name="robots" content="ALL" />
<meta name="robots" content="index, follow" />

Nothing there to stop it being indexed.
Are you sure it’s not indexed? How are you testing?

Have tried it a few ways, one of which was to put a short sentence from the oldest post, slap that into Google and see if it returns a result - it doesn’t

It’s all on you which page you want to index. Check robots.txt file so you know which pages blocked by robots.txt and also check your sitemap and set priority according to pages importance and set frequency when you make a change on that page.

Hi, to index all files on mine robots.txt file I’ve got…

User-agent: *
Allow: /

Sitemap: http://www. your website address .com/sitemap.xml

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