Anyone here like cartoons/comic books/animation?

Just wondering as I work professionally as a cartoonist and in the animation industry.

I’m sure most of you like those Japanese anime movies and television shows.

In other countries I’m not sure if they even broadcast cartoons on television.

I have no idea what’s on TV in India.

Anyhow, if anyone likes Warner Bros. cartoons like the classic Bugs Bunny then
we’re in good shape!

If you’re a fan of the Marvel Comics then you’re hip to Spider-Man, The Avengers.

DC Comics is Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman.

To be honest, I like Japanese cartoons most, also animations of disney land. I read few comic books, but prefer shows on TV.

I always hated Bugs Bunny, even when I was a kid and didn’t like Spiderma (or Superman) or any of those. Exception made of the X-Men and some other.

I like the japanese aesthetic and that very often the stories are fun and original to my occidental mind, at least (although they do have their share of rubbish)

And I love Walt Disney (more Pixar right now)

i always liked cartoons since my childhood and my favourite one is totally spies

I still love cartoons specially the Bleach they got a really good graphics for the characters.

Yep, like the adult anime :slight_smile:

Will admit to not being a fan of the current kids cartoons, seen some with a friend of a friend kids. Thought it funny when a friend of mine limited her kids to cartoons made before around 1980’s and a short list of current cartoons. Now I get it.

Like Simpsons and Futurama but the rest need a reboot.

i like cartoons and comics so much and my favorite cartoon is Tom Jerry.

I love them!

actually I studied Digital art and animation :slight_smile: here is my last work <snip>
Lol it is 3D + digital edition

Yes,I like watching cartoons on t.v.I love Tom and Jerry as well as The Justice League…

Cartoons? Yes, Spongebob. :smiley: