Anyone heard of Pinball Publisher Network

I got an email from them asking me to join. are they legit?

It’s the reincarnation of Zango. I’d stay far away from them, but I had a pretty crappy experience with them as Zango.

thanks for the info. i sure do not want to deal with them

It has been my experience that if an affiliate contacts you asking for you to sign up for their service, it is usually either a scam or a ripoff company.

Stay away from such companies that solicit this way, do your homework and join only networks that have a solid reputation, like ValueClick or AdSense.

PPN is very reliable trusted network that bought former Zango some time ago. Zango had some complications few years ago and it was all solved and many webasters and end users are happy with this solution.
Its just using little bit more aggressive advertising methods than other companies such is adware but you can find similar products run by other companies also.

i’m presently working with them and so far they have paid me on time and i’ve no issues with anything…