Anyone having problems logging in to Google?

Man, it’s driving me nuts. For 24 hours now I’ve not been able to connect with Google search or Gmail or any other Google page. It’s made me realize how much I use Google–all day long, basically!

Is anyone else experiencing this? I have no idea how to find out if they are having server problems or something like that. I’ve not seen anything in the news or on Twitter about it. :frowning:

Works fine here. Has been all day.

Did you disable JS and forgot about it? Happened to me on more than one occasion …

Hi ralph. No problems for me. But is it the just the Australian one or do you experience the problems on all Google sites?

Good question, I have been caught like this before too, but no, it’s not the problem this time. The pages just won’t load at all.

Seems to be worldwide. We are forced to search at, but still, even other pages are not loading. :frowning:

Stranger and stranger. O dear, maybe I’ve been banned! Funny thing is, though, Gmail messages are still downloading, but I can’t log in to Gmail online, which is my preference.

OK, guess this was a red herring of sorts. Found that my laptop connects fine, so it’s a problem with the desktop (and it affects all browsers). So weird. Tried clearing cashes and cookies etc and finally, after a few goes, Google grudgingly loads, though really slowly. Very weird. Never seen anything like this.