Anyone have any idea how this image was made?

Any clues how this image was made?

Is this possible in Photoshop? I would like to be able to add a fiery effect like this to vector shapes I make myself in illustrator but no tutorials or filters I have ever seen come close to this quality.

see am giving u d link for it take it njoy goto site

i will post d link soon

Here are some tutorials:

hey thrz has no that tuts in ur link


not d matter yar i want to publish link here but i cant now

itz too tuff to make to make this stufffff

stunning fire effect click hereā€¦as u asked

Ah, got you! Seems exactly what Halfsasleep is looking for. :tup:

hey i hav posted one hav u seen

Yes, I have seen it. Great tutorial. Thanks!

but its too tuff one and takes much time

If you ever thought that is easy to be done then you were wrong i guess (: