Anyone following the LazyWeb Show?

LazyWeb is a short 3minute (or so) video podcast on the Google Developers YouTube channel.

The LazyWeb Show is a recap of the past week’s current events on the web platform.

I freaking love this show. It’s just perfect. It’s fast, to the point, and gives you just enough information to research the things you’re interested and let you know if you’re interested in it without boring you with too many details. It’s only been around for about 5 weeks, I remember linking the first episode in the How Do You Keep Up? thread and I’ve been following it ever since.

LazyWeb #5

LazyWeb #4



Good stuff!

Maybe I might be drinking too much coffee, but Rob Dodson talks so fast it gets my blood pressure up :coffee:

He sure packs more than 6 minutes worth of info into those 3 minutes

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Lol. Yeah, I’ll admit that I have to listen to some parts more than once. :smile:

Never heard of them till now. Definitively fast but it looks like must watch to know what’s going on.

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