Anyone familiar with Noah's Classifieds? I need help

First off, I know next to nothing about php, but enough to know that if I just mess with the css I can get the classifieds program to work for what I want. My problem… I downloaded the Pro version from their site, installed it and it was working fine. I selected the “Delux” theme, didn’t like it, then tried to change it back and its stuck in the Delux theme mode. I tried all I could think of with no success. I finally decided to reinstall the program and start over. After saving all the files to the server it won’t install this time. I get…

Fatal error: Class ‘Object’ not found in /home/antelope/public_html/parts/gorum/sorting.php on line 16

…when I use the install.php file. Is anyone familiar with this program enough to help out? Not sure what could have changed between the two installs.



That fatal error can be caused by many things, the class has not been declared, class has not been included, a not working autoload function and so on.

Wow is Noah’s Classifieds still going? I remember setting that up for a client about 10 years ago.

It’s hard to guess what the problem, was, possibly missing or corrupted files. As it’s a new install I’d delete everything, including your database, and start from fresh.

That’s what I did. I deleted old folder and database and started from scratch. I’m wondering if there’s a one-time download for the program. I’m using it as a parts inventory lookup for a small used auto parts business I have. All I need is the categories and subcategories to make the “tree” structure for the Makes and Models and an admin account to upload the parts. I looked at osclass also but I think I’d have to change some php stuff to make that one work…


Success! The comment about a corrupted file reminded me that when I was ftp-ing the files it stopped in the middle and restarted. I resent the files and it worked.

Thanks guys!


Ok, sorry for asking questions about Noah’s here but I can’t find a support forum for it. Another question… there’s a paypal advertisement on top of the page. Does anyone know how to remove that? I found the callout(?) for it in one of the files and removed it but it still displays. Is it possible to remove it? ← work in progress


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