Anyone familiar or has used for hosting?

I need to build the wp site there. Horrible tech support service. I can see them wanting money for some real tech support, for actually doing some work.
But they actually refuse to answer any question unless you sign up for extra services. Even the most basics of questions.
Their panel kinda sucks too. Or at least that is my impression so far.
Anyone has anything positive on them?

Venting: But…imho & experience…pairNIC worst ever.
tech support will make you suffer until you want to give up and pay more tt a person…who i can only guess was being willfully obstructionist by email.
They made appreciate godaddy.

Stay away from them. try dreamhost they have good reputation for providing reliable hosting services along with 24/7 customer support. <snip>

Thanks. Have heard good things about dreamhost. will try and steer the site owner that way.
So far PairNIC support has been a joke.

They have a good reputation for extremely viral referral link campaigns too, which I can see you added to your post with the “<snip>” that a mod removed. From my experience, when they had entire data-centers crashing weekly because they were overselling their server space, they are anything but reliable.

I visited a website hosted on DreamHost a while ago and it loaded very slowly. But in all fairness it was a modded Wordpress install and those things will never be speedy as they are so resource-intensive. But it should have loaded much faster.

What kind of problems are you having? Did you need assistance with something someone around here may be able to help with? You never did say what kind of question(s) you needed answered.

Hello Cheese!
Thank you for asking. I almost thought of posting the questions but really felt it was their job to do it first or at least try and my job to try to make it work.
Basically i needed to install wp. On godaddy it is pretty easy. at pair the charge you. The person who owns the site didn’t want to pay for addy options.

It started off w/me getting a wrong location to upload files to.
Several emails later that was resolved. then the site not coming up when the name was entered in the url. needed to change some dns server names.
Then another email contradicted that.
Eventually another email said the host was not correct. I went to correct that and an error message said the “ip address had changed significantly and to contact support”. I had not made any changes that would cause that.
So i’d say the slowness of the support. Them not always answering the questions you ask or answering in a way that while clear to them was not helpful to me.
Different people answering the question w/out looking at the previous answer or screenshots and feedback sent.
Or you get the feeling that they answered as little as possible and not even try to be preventive and foresee possible issue. and if they made it hard or took enough time you’d eventually give up.

so…while i am sure on my part i have also made mistakes. Their support really sucks.
The only bright side? It was a learning experience. I navigated a diff control panel w/a diff ui.

Some of your criticism seems justified, some not. Installing scripts and stuff really is not the responsibility of the host unless you are using a script installer (such as Softaculous) they provide. Installing Wordpress is very easy, anyway. Wordpress boasts a 5-minute installation time but it comes in under that. If you have any problems with that, just ask here at Sitepoint.

As for the support not being preventative or not foreseeing possible issues that may arise, you are probably correct about that. They are trying to resolve tickets as quickly as possible. I sometimes feel sorry for support staff at hosting companies. They get support requests for all kinds of things that have nothing to do with the actual providing of the hosting service or server configurations specific to them. If they do not have a script installer to install Wordpress, you are pretty much on your own in that area and that may be why they were requesting additional fees to perform the service. There are hundreds of open source scripts available. No host can be an expert in all of them.

i’d agree w/all of that (have also work in customer service once and yeah they push to do the mimum & move on) That being said.

I did create a database,edited the config file, i went on to install wp (have done so before on local sandobx. And in godaddy’s case their install is pretty easy.)
and then got a diff warning.
So…like i said learning experience.
But thank you :slight_smile: next time i’ll run here first.

I read recently that there are now over 63,000 web host in North America. Correct me if I have recalled that number incorrectly. So, it is difficult to say you have heard of one particular one. The big names from EIG have become that, big box corporate hosting companies. There are still many excellent host to choose from. When you need to choose a host then consider the longevity of the company along with their overall uptime in recent months and of course support. Make a sales call and find out what level of support they offer. With the number of issues and elements involved with sites these days some companies now offer different levels of support. This is becoming more common. Sometimes, the clients and the host have different expectations. A quick pre-sales call can help those in need of hosting services understand any limitations, restrictions or concerns related to support services.

My only complaint was that pair tended to be a bit on the expensive side.

However, I haven’t done business with them in a few years.

if you can get better uptime and customer support, paying on the high side is worth it. You deal with less problem and can focus on driving more sale/traffic to your site.

At the time, I think rackspace was a bit cheaper, and had more responsive support. I’m not quite sure how their prices compare today.