Anyone else having trouble with hosted sites?

I host two sites on Today they are not working. I cannot connect via ftp. I logged into the control panel and got the message “apparently your account has been suspended.” I have not exceeded usage on anything. Not even close. They are small static sites.

I submitted a ticket but don’t have much faith it will be responded to. I submitted a ticket last January (2011) and never got a response.

Does anyone else here have a site hosted on

Is your site up and working?



A quick search for some other 0fees site shows them to be online, so it’s not a case that all their sites are offline.

Got a reply to my ticket

Hi there,

Your account has triggered our systems abuse filter detectors and been suspended.


Please tell us what is the nature / content of this file / your websites?

Best Regards

It is a simple page. No scripts or anything. Any ideas what types of things will trigger an abuse detector?

The other site was suspended with reference to the page on this site.

My account with the triggered file has been reactivated. It happened very soon after I replied to the ticket.

The other account is still suspended though.

Apparently there was a false positive on my page. I am still trying to get them to reactivate my second site. As far as I can tell the only thing linking the two sites is my contact email. I wish they would automatically re-activate as well as automatically suspend related accounts.

Anyone know what may generate false positives on a page? I would like to avoid this happening again.



Any free host will attract a lot of users hosting spam and dubious content, which likely means they have automated systems to keep them from being blacklisted by google entirely, with little human input as there’s no income. Reliability and free hosting are never going to happen.

I’d suggest that If your site is sufficiently important to you that it stays online, then surely it justifies being on paid hosting? You can get reasonable hosting for the price of a sandwich every month.

Thanks for the comments.

These are not my sites. One I manage for a charitable organization which wishes to keep expenses at a minimum to maximize their funds for scholarships. They are willing to go paid if necessary. So far we have not had enough problems to justify the expense.

The other site is for a small family business that also wishes to keep expenses to a minimum. Their site is equivalent to a yellow page ad, a web presence with basic information that rarely needs to be updated.

I use Hostgator for my personal sites.

Both sites are back up and running on I am reasonably happy with the support I received for this situation. I will stick with for the time being, and may even go to their paid service if it is necessary to upgrade.

I will have to ask why I never got an email notification of the suspension. If a user had not alerted me, who knows when I would have become aware of the problem.