Anyone else get a sales pitch?

I got a sales pitch thru a private message sent to me at this forum from someone called ruchtira or something close to that - offering me a freebie on building blogs fast and easy that will make me oodles of money - of course it is an email collecting pre-sales page.

Is that considered a polite use of this forum?


Hi Jeannie,
No, it certainly isn’t considered polite - in fact, it’s considered spam. :slight_smile:

We were hit by a huge spam attack over the weekend and many of you will have had the same PM. Please ignore it.

Oh, you just Ninja’d in a response before me Sarah… I got distracted AFK and submitted a report in case it was a new bad person sending out PM’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Lately I’ve been getting this PMs about email marketing and or link exchanges by “who knows” which marketers. I think SP follows a democratic methodology and allows its members to be the sole judges. If they start banning things like that, it may become a biased area.

Hi, it is not only you but many are there who are affected by such spams. Just keep your eye out of it. Even I received some messages regarding winning lots of pounds in a lottery. These are spams and can not be considered as sales pitches.
Just Ignore it at all.

I’m not sure it’s a democratic methodology, and it’s certainly not a populist approach where the members are the sole judges.

There are rules. There are administrators. There are mentors. There are members.

The administrators are essentially in charge. The members can report or attempt to influence the admins. That’s probably how it will work best.