Anyone earning money from their mobile version site using Google Adsense?


We have a site that displays fine on the desktop but not on mobile browsers like Opera Mini.

We are planning to have a mobile version of our site ready to meet the mobile users requirements.

Please let me know if anyone is earning good money from Google Adsense for Mobile ads on their mobile sites.

Any advice / tip would be greatly appreciated.



I’m working on a mobile version for my sites as well, more and more people are using their mobiles to access the net.
recently I found out about a network for mobile sites
you might want to try it and let us know how it goes

i would advice you to stick to google adsense for mobile ads. i am sure you will earn big bucks using it.

it does not hurt to try other networks on a limited basis to see if he can make extra money, I always do.
personally I never tried adiquity, actually I found out it’s for mobile sites after I applied and they turned me down because my site is not designed for mobiles

Hi how much money can I make from google adsense for mobile if I get about 2000 visitors on mobile everyday?


the only way to find out is to try them

Good post. Never thought of monetising mobile websites. I need to get up to date!

It is definitely something we should all consider with all the Android’s, Iphone’s and the Microsoft-phones being in the hands of more and more people