Anyone Dreamweaver Experts? Many small issues I need help with!

First problem,
I have borders set to 0 on my tables but instead of the table being solid black, it just makes the border transparent so it shows whatever is in the background on the borders of my table.

Second issue,
I have a fixed header that follows the page as you scroll with images, I want these images to be 50% transparent and when your mouse is over them they fade back in, how would I go about doing this?

My website is going to be my music portfolio for music I’ve produced and I’d like to have a music player on the bottom right of the page that is also 50% transparent until you put your mouse over it. Also how do I go about loading my music on to this music player?

My tables are black and the background is gray but I would like the transition to be smooth from the black to the gray background to where the black fades in to the gray. I tried adding a background to the table but every time I tried it added the background in different cells.

Also are there any websites I can post the code and give you guys the link here for you to paste the code in to your dreamweaver? I’m sure it’d help a lot but I don’t know of any websites, and I haven’t bought the website yet to link you.

Thanks a bunch!

Hi there,

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

I’m afraid that before we can help you with anything, we need to see some code.

Please read this then post back here with some code that illustrates the problems you are having.

Yes, each question might be better getting its own separate focus (as in separate threads), too, but perhaps start with the first one here at least.

As a side note, it’s worrying to see this framed as a “Dreamweaver” question. It’s really a code question. The code editor you are using is incidental, so try to look at this from a code point of view. :slight_smile:

kindly show me some source code and screenshoot as i may help you.