Anyone doing mobile-only work?

I’ve been building standard desktop websites for almost a decade now, and have been lucky to find a niche and have rather steady work during most of that time. Beginning to feel a bit burnt out however. Seems like more and more projects drag on and on, while waiting for clients do do their part - provide content, review work at different stages of the project, etc. Looking to try something new. I was thinking of trying to sell mobile websites to businesses with existing websites that are bad on mobile devices. That way all the content is there, I can start a project, wrap it up quickly, get paid and move on to the next project without needing to wait for client supplied materials - it is already there on the existing site. Is anyone doing something similar or is this a silly idea?

There are lots of people focusing on mobile, and if you enjoy it and can be profitable it seems like a great focus. Most shops are doing apps, so if you can get really good at dealing with html5 clients for mobile you would be in a bit of specialty area which would be great.

Most of my projects involve building dedicated mobile sites for a slew of existing desktop sites created 5+ years ago. However, I’m not a freelancer though I would think it is a decent market to target. I don’t know if you will be able to wrap up projects quickly but it probably depends on the complexity of the site and quality of existing code. Either way you would probably end up trashing all the existing CSS for any site starting from scratch. Probably will have to move around some other things in HTML depending on design goals. I don’t really think it is a quick project in most cases. It hasn’t been to quick for me but than again I’m dealing with database driven, highly dynamic sites with business implications that ideally need to be brought to the mobile site. Very little documentation, outed practices for reference and a custom back-end language. So yeah… my situation is little different than I *think your average one would be. Thankfully though I work with a lot of dynamic data that is brought in by feeds and such so I rarely need to worry about copywriting.

I am in the same situation as you.

However the thing with mobile websites is that they are not something new. It’s the exact same thing just on a different platform.

Are you the project manager on most of your projects? If you are you could try some process tweaks to get better results. Plenty of articles on that subject. If you are not the project manager and really want to try something new then why not…

Start your own business selling products to customers.

I agree with you. there is a lot of focus on the mobile market. i think that every business need support of mobile site and also app.
It can contribute to the business.