Anybody use Etology? I'm convinced this is a hack company

I got an email a long time ago from David Orr of etology asking of ad space was available.

I actually took the hook and responded, and all the feedback I got in the response email suggested that this was a garbage company. After some negotiation I decided to not go with them for anything remnant (or anything at all), as their expectations were dumb.

But now I still, to this day, get an email from David Orr asking,

“Any ad space available? Please let me know.”

It’s to the point of being spam.

If you get an email like this, don’t waste your time.

Just my two cents. But, if there is actually somebody on SP using Etology, I would like to hear some feedback just to support or go against my idea that this company is just a bunch of hacks hoping to get sites to sign on temporarily.


Etology has no customer support so the email was most likely send by a BOT of some sort. i’d stay away from this company if i were you to.

Our company has some experience with Etology, we made several tests with them and got paid for them. Actually, we communicated with David, still communication was very poor, they sure do not know how to provide good service or attract customers, it was difficult to get a detailed reply from them. The rates were not outstanding, that is why we just stopped using them.

However we have been receiving similar letters “Do you have traffic availabe” recently. When I try to reply to such letters, I get no further answer. They are either very poorly organized or really spammy company. I would not work with them anymore.

Hey guys I wanted to clear the air, since I have seen these posts popping up everywhere.

Etology, Inc. is not a hack company. We have been in business since early 2005. I personally have been with the company since 2007.

We have had great success in monetizing peoples websites. We have, or have had, ads up on many of the webs largest sites. We plan to continue to do so.

Regarding the emails I send out. I need to explain something to you. Sales is a game of numbers. The more emails I send out in a day the more opportunities I create for my self to work with webmasters. You may not agree with this, but the numbers don’t lie.

I will try and be more conscious of who I email. If you don’t wish to receive further communications, please respond to the email with you website(s) name(s) and your request not to be emailed. I won’t contact you for business after that.

David Orr

Hi, David.

We were working with you in the past, and I can confirm your words.

Still, you are sendig too many letters (if you do not get any reply twice, you sure won’t receive it for the third letter). Also we replied to your letters to find out the details, however we have never received anything back, just new letters :slight_smile: This way won’t help you to attract more customers, just my opinion.

friends use it and they say its good but i dont like the crapping of popups cuz you should always concentrate in simple design with good contenet and simple ads too , just for visitors comfort