Anybody can show some tools for google SEO?

Anybody can show some tools for google SEO? I have do the Google SEO 5 months, but the rank of my website is still bad, so I come here want to know more about SEO.

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Yet again, Google can be your friend.

You ask such an open question… The basics of SEO are quite easy, getting the result you want much harder.
One trick that can help you si to go for longer keyword or sentences but you do need to look at the numbers. You want keywords are sentences that have a good amount of searches, but lower competition.
But this information gives you not only a possible return for your efforts… it also tells you if the subject you’re writing about is interesting for any public, and therefore if it is worth the effort.

I would recommend you to try Postifluence. If you want to rank on Google organically, try backlinking and Postifluence can help you with that. It will get you all the top-ranking guest posting sites and also help you with blogger outreach. Try it out!

There are the tools that I use.

Keyword Everywhere
SEO Quake

Best tools in my experience.

SEM Rush has a free 30 day trial, it is somewhat limited but can be useful for backlinks. Having authoritative backlinks to your website helps increase your authority score, which increases your ranking (among other factors). You can run websites similar to yours through SEM Rush and find all their backlinks and then try to get backlinks from those sites.

When looking at the data, pay attention to authority score and number of links. My website is for our lawfirm, so I ended finding a bunch of directories related to law firms to get listed in.

Other tips, use keywords in title and heading and work on your pagespeed. Google “The 2022 Google Algorithm Ranking Factors” “” and you will get an overview of what affects SEO and how much each factor is weighed in the algorithm.

Also, SEM Rush can be used to figure out which keywords you should target. For instance, I wanted to know whether I should target “employer attorney” or “employment lawyer.” SEM Rush has traffic volume for each keyword. Against, SEM Rush has a 30-day trial. Just download all the info you need during the 30 day trial. And fyi, in my experience, SEM Rush can have some bad data, but I verified the backlinks with Ahrefs (better but no free trial) and that data was correct.

Well, you can boost your website SEO by optimizing for Long Tail Keywords. Once you begin showing up on those keywords, your rankings for short tail keywords will improve.

Also, share your blogs as much as you can. The more reads the blog gathers, the higher rank it will gain. Share your blogs across social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & WhatsApp.

Don’t miss out on WhatsApp. If you want, you can share your blog content with unlimited users on WhatsApp with WhatsApp business API via AiSensy.

The best free tools I have found are ahrefs & semrush. Moz has a good free trial as well as semrush.

There’s a free app on the play store called Seo check which does a very good job looking at individual pages and how you can improve them.

I use Seo Check each time I have a page I believe has a possibility of ranking.

There are a lot of SEO tools to rank on Google. You can get it free or paid as per your need.

These tools are:

Google Search Console

Google Analytics

Google Adwords





You can get most of the benefits of them if you know what you want and how to use them for better ranking on google.

To those coming here to spam links to things that ARENT the tools they’re suggesting… will go over it again.

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Google Webmaster Tools : This tool allows you to monitor your site’s sitemaps and index status. You can also monitor your crawl errors, as well as submit HTML sitemaps and Sitemap URL’s to Google.
Ahrefs is a great tool for checking backlinks and doing a variety of other SEO related things. The tool has a number of features that are very useful when it comes to SEO. Although there are many tools out there, Ahrefs is one of the best.
Screaming frog
Google Analytics
Keyword everywhere
Answer the public
Majestic SEO
Google Trends

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Google Search Console and
Google Analytics are the best tools for google SEO.

Since all we’re getting are lists of tools with no justification on why the tools are named, there’s no value to this thread.