Any way to see where users are clicking

Hi I have a page and the site owner is concerned that due to a large header the users are not scrolling down to see the content beneath, is there any way (maybe using google analytics) through which I can observe whether users are scrolling down and clicking on this content below the header?

As rightly said Google Analytics is fine where once can check the usabilty of the software, but i feel, is more helpful in this regard.

Never knew that.

However every site I try it on I get

20001: Access denied. Please try relaunching site overlay from the report.

EDIT: Never mind. Was logged into the wrong account.

I’ve always found Google Analytics helpful with the site overlay, but thanks Alex for sharing Gazehawk with us - wasn’t aware of that, love the look of it!

Google Analytics is pretty good but there’s also specialist eye tracking software that can help you check usability.

Cheap Product:
Open Source:

Usability research has shown conclusively that users are not afraid to scroll, but they spend less time below the fold. :slight_smile:


Yes you can do this via Google Analytics in the left column, content > site overlay.

Another way would be writing a script that would enter into a database when a link etc is clicked. You’d need to call a routine that would then forward the user onto whatever the link was pointing at.

It would be fairly easy to do but sounds hard when you describe it like I have!

Take a look at - shows you where visitors are clicking on a heatmap.

They used to have a free version but I think you may have to pay now.

Google Analysis provide a proper report on which user are clicking. Giant search engine provide facility of getting out the specific keywords which are responsible for more traffic.