Any way to say this in css3 for modern browsers ie8+?

I need to say my h1 has 1.8em bottom margin. But if it has #date id directly after the h1 has bottom margin zero? And instead the #date has the bottom margin of 1.8em? I’m strongly guessing a big fat no but thought I’d ask - maybe some css3 thing.

An easy solution might be to target a #date element that follows an h1 with

h1 + #date {}

and then give the date element a bottom margin and a negative top margin to pull it up.

I’d do it the way Ralph suggests because as yet there is no parent selector in CSS.

Ya thats what i figured. Ok thanks guys.

Or previous sibling… Lea Verou said there’s something in Selectors4 for that, but whether browsers will implement it is another story. Devs can help by pushing it.