Any way to make Magento only show relevant products?

I am in the process of creating a Magento storefront for a auto parts company. They require something that allows the user to select the year, make & model of their car. Once the user has selected their vehicle then the site will only show products that will fit or are relevant to their car.

Here are two examples: -Top right where it says NO VEHICLE SELECTED - Top center where it says Vehicle Search

My question is if there is already something that will do this for Magento (or any other cart system if its easier to switch) or would you suggest just getting someone to code it?

Thanks as always :slight_smile:


There are a few extensions that allow you to do this for magento
I am new so i a cant post links so just go to the magento website and search for make model and you should see a few extensions that may work for you.

get some one to code it =)

I think Magento advanced search will do it but it will still require little modifications…

I have this exact solution for sale & open source.