Any using the 960 Grid System


I’m just about to redesign my website as i learn more and more about web design and development i tweak my site, well it’s been a few months and the site needs tweaking.

Does anyone use the 960 grid system regularly and what are your experiences with it?

I have tried the CSS Blueprint but found it had a lot of blot associated with it and a lot more files and file sizes than 960.

Thanks in advance,

Hey, yeah I love the 960 Grid System, I’ve recently built a lot of Wordpress Themes using it, you can see some samples here:

I find it very useful as a designer, and my developer has said that he loves using it to. It just makes everything more uniform and easier to layout and read. After you’ve used it you probably wont go back to any other way. Good luck.

I also use 960 system, but most of site don’t follow this. In fact no one knows what exact width they should use.

I am trying to get hold of a comprehensive documentation that has a lis of all the functionalities of this framework or at least a little cheat, like the one they have @blue print

I got hooked on 960 right away. The other other is blueprint, but I like 960 better for its simpleness and support.

Me too. I find the 960 really useful.

Although sometimes I find I don’t need a full 960px’s.

but documentation is kind of lacking or maybe i am not clickin on the right link…

Blueprint on the other hand got a lot of documentation

or maybe the 960 grid system follow the very fine principle that says: “documentation??? it’s all in the css files so you have to be comfortable with reading css syntax.”

Not really sure what you mean by a lot documentation…can you specify…

anyway…I dont use all the features of 960…For CSS coding, I Just use the grid and reset… I create my own typography and all the other stylings…By the way, the cool thing is you can have a custom grid other than 960 pixels… like I said… they got a good support and following…:slight_smile:

Ohh and yeah I also use that PSD file it comes out with… cool stuff

Woo themes is one of the best sellers of premium templates… They use 960!!!

This isn’t exactly official documentation, but here are some sites that could be useful resources if you’re interested in 960…

The 960 Grid System Made Easy

Design a Clean Web Layout with the 960 Grid

Gridding the 960

960 CSS Framework – Learn the Basics

Five simple steps to designing grid systems — Part 1

Showdown: Blueprint vs. the 960 Grid

960 pixels is used because it makes for pretty math. All of the numbers listed here are clean numbers. Nothing ends in a decimal that a browser would try to round. Additionally, a 12-column grid is nicely divided up for the golden ratio.

Here are a couple grid generators/site builders:

Some more resources…

I’m learning it as I go along and it is a great tool. The 960 also works with the principle of the Golden Ratio/Divine Proportion. Some info on that, as well…