Any tips on High-Speed Scanners?

I’ve collected a mountain of documents over the years, so many that I estimated it will take me at least a year to scan them using my Epson flat-bed scanner. (However, I wouldn’t be scanning full-time; just a few hours each weekend.)

So I was excited to read an article about the new generation of high-speed scanners. But it’s very confusing, partly because these scanners are very specialized; instead of buying one scanner that does everything, you need to buy a scanner that can be automatically fed loose sheets, another flat-bed scanner for scanning books, etc.

Anyway, does anyone have any tips or recommendations for someone using a Mac?

One feature I love is the standalone scanners that can used without a computer. At the moment, I’m considering getting a NeatConnect or NeatDesk At $400-500 they aren’t cheap, but if they can do the job, they’d be worth it.

But what about flat-bed scanners? Do you know of any good flat-bed scanners that are relatively fast and operate without being connected to a computer? And are there any high-speed scanners that do both - function as flat-bed scanners but can also be automatically fed loose sheets?

My goal is to scan all my files into searchable PDF’s, and I may scan some images a second time as TIFF’s. I should add that I have Acrobat.

Thanks for any tips.

You should install the software from google to fast scan.

The only ones I know a big, multifunction network printers that I have at my office :frowning:

you can try Ngenuity 9090DB 70ppm Bitonal Duplex 12x40" it scam 60+ ppm hope this can help you .

In case anyone stumbles across this thread, I wound up buying a Fujitsu ix1500 ScanSnap ($400-$500). It’s pretty impressive - scans about 25 pages a minute, including double-sided pages. A little confusing to get up and running, but extremely simple to operate after that.

It can handle lightweight card stock, but it won’t process folded pages; it apparently interprets them as two separate pages and tries to pull each one through separately. You’ll definitely need a flatbed scanner to handle items the Fujitsu can’t handle.