Any Thoughts on Content Re-Writing

Hi all

I have a wordpress plugin that I have developed that imports and creates a site from affiliate datafeeds. This works great, but the only problem with this is the content is not unique.

I have the facility for the user to add content and ‘mix-up’ the fields so that the content does have some uniqueness however I want to improve what is produced in terms of SEO.

What I am looking at is a scripted way of content re-writing, I have seen methods such as using Google translator to translate English > French > German > English. This works ok, but at times the content becomes strange for humans.

I am wondering if this is ever possible automated re-writing while keeping content human readable.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Has anyone successfully created content re-writing scripts and what methods did you use?

Really any thoughts on this matter would be appreciated.

Kind regards

~any~ thoughts? really?

okay, here are my thoughts

content rewriting is the pimple on the boil on the festering butt cheeks of the internet

people who do it should be shot

Of course you’re looking for thoughts, as your own is severely limited.

Your thought for today: This is a writing section. Not a do anything not to write section.

Don’t waste your one thought.

digitalquill, So basically you want to take someone else’s work, remix it up to the point of illegibility (as most computer re-written junk tends to be) and then claim it as an achievement to the search engines, thereby polluting the index with more spam which would have been better off left in it’s original form… if you don’t have something original to write, don’t bother. No-one want’s to read word vomit, it’s degrading and insulting to your audience. :slight_smile:

Article spinning is a serious copyright violation (the right to create derivative works) and you ought to find a better way to get content.

I’m going to lock this topic now.