Any Suggestion for DNN Hosting

I have to host multiple DNN sites, so any suggestions are welcome…


Hi Genefer. Welcome to SitePoint forums.

Could you let us know your DNN requirements ? The disk space, monthly bandwidth you will need ? Also, if you have any custom requirements, please specify.

You mean DNN = DotNetNuke?

Yes, that’s right. DotNetNuke is the leading open source ASP.NET CMS, content management system and .NET web application development framework offering a free CMS. More information can be found on their website OR it’s wiki page.

Plesk 11 fully support DotNetNuke. You can host DotNetNuke anywhere where Plesk11 control panel is available

DNN System requirements can be found @

The first factor to contemplate once coming up with hosting all of your sites into one installation of DNN is your net host. Whereas, DNN places no restriction on you in terms.

There are three (3) basic steps to adding a new site to your instance of DNN. They are outlined below:

  1. Update DNS
  2. Update IIS
  3. Add a New Portal in DNN