Any sliding ajax tabs?

I have seen lots of sliding tabs with very good effects
but most of them do not use ajax to fetch tab contents

It preloads the contents of all the tab and just present it with tab effects

Problem with it is
if tabs contents are long(database query that gets 50 records in each of 4 tabs) then it takes lots of time to load
more over there is unnecessary loading

The user may not even look content of 4th tab

but traditional tabs without effects are dull

so are there any tabs
which slides
and gets tab content using ajax

initially it may not look neat but once content has been loaded the sliding effect will look neat

i have seen yahoo using it in its content sliders

By the way not using heavy js frameworks

any help


Yes, there are a multitude of them.

From a couple of the “top nn ajax tabs” lists, here are four of them that don’t sit atop any pre-existing library.

Tab Panes
Ajax Tabbed Interface
Ajax Tabs Content Script
Javascript Tabifier

well thanks response
but i think none of them are sliding as i want…

i want sliding and gliding along with ajax retrival

I found this …

its slides and is also ajax based

but problem with it is
it retrieves content each time we click on tab
It would have been bettet if it has used some cache on second click once the tab content has been loaded on first click