Any SEO Recomendation for my Ecommerce website?

I have started e-commerce website. Can any suggest to me using what SEO tools to boost my website traffic, to generate leads? Paid tool or prefer free one.

SEO tools are just for research purpose and to observe the performance of the website/webpage in the search engine. And this observation helps to decide how to improve website/webpage’s optimization for search engine as per desired keywords. Google webmaster tool and Google Analytic are the best tools to improve optimization of the website/webpage and see performance of the website in the search engine.

If talk regarding to generate leads and traffic on the website/webpage, you need to build quality links through diverse off-page techniques of SEO such as guest posting, blogging, relevant forum posting, local directory submission etc.

E-commerce website is business generating website. If you are starting it as new then you should work on it properly. Because if you make start on right path then the whole journey will go on right destiny so you should choose right keywords for your site.

Best of luck for your journey!!

what kind of SEO recomendation do you need ?? is it keyword research tool ?? , backlink tools,Bookmarking tools , or ??, there’r many kind of SEO tool that may help us to get better ranking on google. But for advice, it’ll better for you to do correct KEYWORD research first. Decide what is Good keyword for your website. You can try Market samurai. I use it and it’s really powerfull SEO tool out there. Hope this help you

Well, There is no any tools to generate lead, If you want to generate lead then you need to optimize your eCommerce website by using several SEO techniques. Better is to hire a professional Digital Marketing company because if you want to manage eCommerce website then it requires accuracy and quality in work.

For Traffic, Avoid using Manufacturer Description. Create your own With all Possible Keywords. But Don’t repeat it. allow customers to rate and review of your each product showing on Website. Add widgets for sharing products on Social Sites to increase more visibility.

Other than google analytics and webmaster tools, I don’t think there is any need for SEO tools - make sure you know html, read about what google likes and doesn’t like and then apply common sense and be patient.
I think you should pick a couple of your product pages to focus on first (maybe ones with the least competition).
Decide what terms people will search on (your keywords) and make sure on those product pages your page title and description includes those terms.
Include plenty of headings in your product descriptions - make sure the product title contains your keywords and that it is the <h1> on that page. If you have a few paragraphs description, maybe put a <h2> heading above each one using similar terms to your keywords, but NOT repeating them exactly.

Make sure any images have a descriptive alt attribute.

Make sure your menu titles are as descriptive as possible (ie, say your main menu is ‘jeans’, rather than using ‘mens’ & ‘womens’ as submenus, use ‘mens jeans’, ‘womens jeans’)

Email marketeing can be really useful - make sure you encourage people to sign up to a mailing list, but don’t ask for too much info else they won’t bother. I have a quick signup box - all they need enter is their email address .

you may try to outsource service from an SEO expert to do the online marketing for you. On your part, make sure that your website has quality content.

Please specify which ecommerce script you are using, so that I can suggest you the best tools.

Remember : Content is the king, write nice product descriptions for each product, you can dominate the search results with simple off-page work.