Any reviews on CPABull?

I just saw a banner running about cpabull on one of the top forums, and the claim they make of automated sign up’s on over 150 CPA networks is too good to be true, but I just want to ask if anyone had any experience with them.

I have tried cpabull, seems to be a great time saver. You get an option to apply on different cpa networks altogether at the same time.
I appreciate the work done by the cpabull guys…

It has got mixed reviews. Every free tool has its own pros and cons. I won’t trust it.

Automated signups on cpa networks?? looks fishy.
ok i’ll give it a shot and post my review on it.

Maybe i can trust this tool, people are talking about this and it will also cut out all my boring job. Will come up with an honest review after using it.

Ok i tried this tool with one of my crappy email ids… its actually pretty decent… I read a thread about it on another forum… seems like its gaining a lot of traction…

u cant really go wrong when its free right!

Just make sure you still follow up with each network once your applications are submitted. Application does not equal approval so stay proactive and keep the communication channels open with those you’ve applied with :slight_smile: