Any recommendations on mp4 to iPhone converter software?

I need to convert some mp4 videos so that they will play on iPhones. Do you guys have any personal recommendations on software that will do this, preferably free ones.


There is one that I’ve used in the past, but off the top of my head, I can’t recall what it was. I’ll find a link when I get home from work later.

MP4 plays fine on iPhone, doesn’t it?

Anyhow, Miro is a handy format converter.

Finally got back here. The one I used was, for me it worked just fine.

I’ve fixed the issue. Apparently, iPhones (I’m not sure about iPads but I’ll test it out) will not play mp4 videos that are larger than 1.5MB and will simply “X” out the video and not allow it to be played. The video that I originally uploaded was 3MB and the new video that I uploaded is 1MB and it works.

I’ll still look at those conversion tools.

Thanks guys

Might it be possible to break the mega-vid into a “playlist” of smaller sized videos that would “chain”?

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