Any PERSONAL blogs from Israel or Palestine in English?


I am looking for some Israeli or Palestinian blogs that are in English only, hoping some people here know of some.

It is obviously huge on the news right now, but everyone I hear on local / national radio has an agenda and are “politicized”.

I want to find some blogs from people in the regions to know what is really going on right now in general.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Pffff… that’s truly hard. It doesn’t matter how you do it and where your read… it is going to be politized wheather you like it or not. And that’s even obvious with a situation like this… where everything is politics.

We are all manipulated by media and media is also manipulated or, no matter how they try, there will be bits of information that may affect the analysis of the situation. Also, even the most indendent and objective journalist is affected by his own point of view of the conflict.

I would suggest that you use Google but I doubt that there are only English blogs that speak of this conflict. You may find blogs that do have an English version, though.