Any new big social apps on the horizon?

Been trying to find the next best thing in terms of a social media app (the next IG/FB), so I am roaming from site to site asking people. I’ve been using social media for traffic exclusively, and I’ve learned over the years that early adopters of a new platform have the upper edge when it comes to utilizing the service to gain traffic. Since the branded policy changes introduced in 2018, Facebook is difficult to use. On top of that, their reach restrictions are horrible. Instagram is adopting the same strategy as Facebook (unforgiving algos/etc). Twitter is a spam-infested platform which users don’t really like to leave (not too click happy). Google + is RIP. And 1/2 of the other top apps are just for messaging.

Last year there was hope for Vero (a new app), but it looks like it was mismanaged and missed their opportunity to go big. I am on the hunt for sites/apps like that, so if anyone here heard about a new app, let’s discuss it :smiley:

Have you had any luck with Steemit? I can see it becoming the next big thing. You can checkout their site here -

Never see that. Get paid for content social network? Am I reading that right? Also, it seems like it’s not moderated as this is the first thing I saw on index:

Reminded me of a marketplace I frequent. Anyway, it seems like a nifty idea, I will look into it. The website does look pretty busy. Are people actually making money for content? Am I understanding this correctly?

Yes, people actually get paid for content they post, moreso if the content gains popularity. It’s still in it’s baby phase, hence the lack of moderation, but i can certainly see it gaining more popularity.

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