Any money to be made from owning a directory?

Any money to be made selling listings in a directory? There seems to be thousands of them around so Im guessing someone must be making bucks or am I wrong.

You’re wrong.

There are lots of blogs too - millions in fact! Yet there are about 12 blogs on the internet that do better than break even.

The rest of them are a pipe dream sold to depressed housewives that haven’t brushed their teeth in weeks.

Most people fill their blogs (or directories) up with drivel (because their lives are a sad, depressing mess). When they realize how poorly they communicate, they give up.

Directories, particularly spam link farm directories made with amateur scripts like phplinkdirectory, don’t make a dime! The only person who wins is the person selling the directory script (and the pipe dream).

You’ll have more chance of making money using your language skills to translate archived, top-secret, Russian KGB documents into Bahasa Indonesian.

Yep, thats what I thought. Thanks for the info.

Thats funny :slight_smile:

I have a free directory but it’s been around for years and I used to charge $149 a year to be in it. Still the same old static pages but seems to get lots of visitors. Probably not worth it to start them now.

Yes you can make money by selling premium or paid listing from your directory.But you should keep the both paid and free listing to get more users to submit their site in your directory,

You can generate more money buy selling anchor text links and banners based on CPM.

If you know what you are doing, then of course you can make money from a directory. How much on the other hand, is a different story. I have considered it a few times, but would only likely do it as an SEO tool for my many sites. Based on assumptions from a lot of experience with these things, I would say you would earn about $30 per month off a directory if you can make it awesome enough, and get high rankings(This would require large amounts of work).

In short, no, the first replier was right. There is no DECENT money to be made from directories.

If you’re lucky, you might make some money. However, there isn’t much going for it. I can Google things, I don’t need a directory.

Or have you identified such a niche where Google doesn’t work or doesn’t reach a market that you want to target? If yes, then go for it. But make sure you have specific objectives for the directory.