Any Magento users who can help me?

Hey everyone,

I am currently creating a new ecommerce website using Magento. What I want to be able to do on the product pages is have drop down boxes or radio buttons that will allow users to choose particular variables that can be applied to the product.

I will be selling netbook computers and so need the options to be for example, a drop down menu on battery life, to show the variables 4 hours, 7 hours and 9 hours. As well as a drop down menu or radio buttons for colour for example black, white, red or blue.

I would be really grateful for any help people can provide.


Tom :slight_smile:

In Magento lingo, this is called “Creating a Configurable Product”

See the Magento Screencast here:

Didn’t watch the video myself, but I know that the product attributes can do that for you.

You can check the magento sample data if you have installed that.
Go to Frontend >> Top Menu: Apparel >> Shirts >> Any shirt item.
You can see like in attachment.

In order to check how it has been configured you can easily explore the backend for the related category & products.