Any ideas how improve this website?


I’ve made a landing page for selling my freelance design services and I’d kindly ask you to comment it. How is the overall impression? Is it straightforward enough? Would you order here if you’d need such type of services? Thanks a lot in advance!

Well, if the question is would I be inclined to contract design services, the answer would be no.

Why not?

The landing page is not responsive.
True, until the view-port is very narrow there is no horizontal scroll, but there is quite a bit of “overflow” content that doesn’t show which IMHO is not a good experience.

Then there is the lack of credibility.
I would expect someone versed in design well enough to be offering design services to not be using WordPress and most certainly not a purchased theme.


Thank you for the response!

But do you think having WP with a premium theme would affect the conversions so much? I guess a person who needs some design services won’t bother himself looking into the source code. Am I wrong? And actually by lack of credibility I thought you meant there’re no testimonials.

Using WordPress in and of itself is not a bad thing. Indeed designing for WordPress is a niche many earn an income from.

And true, many if not most visitors will not recognize it as a WordPress page let alone look at view-source.

But I think the lack of responsiveness is a major concern.
If it looks broken to a user it won’t instill confidence in the design services.

As for seeing testimonials, personally I don’t usually give them much importance.
They could be from real satisfied users, but I’m a skeptic.

I’d be more interested in seeing a portfolio of sites that could give me an idea of what is possible.

Very beautiful, nice colors, a long time for scroll down to seeing all the site.It takes me time to load the pages (not dsl speed problem).
The paragraph Hi, I’m Anton Gudkov!
Nice to meet you!
i suggest you to get off from the first page because you have already ‘about me’ section.

I’m on mobile at the moment and the experience is weird, to put it mildly. There is your name, three links rather haphazardly arranged, and a large “Get Quote” button (with nothing to indicate what I might be requesting a quote for). Below that is a misaligned image of a mobile with some kind of strange animation that appears to be advertising taxi services or something similar.

From that experience, I have no idea what services you are offering, and little inclination to look further.

Sorry to be so negative. I’ll have a look at the desktop version tomorrow.

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Thank you!

Good points! As I see the major problem is that the page is not optimized for mobile and pretty long and heavy. Thanks!

I guess it’s really weird since I didn’t optimize it for mobile at all. I planned to run some paid advertising to the desktop version and see how it goes, and if it does well, then adjust tablet and phone versions. I knew mobile stuff is important nowadays, but didn’t know that it is so much. Thank you for your response!

But you’re offering mobile app design. How could you not optimise your site for mobile? :upside_down:


Lol as mention earlier I just wanted to save time at the beginning by running paid traffic to desktop version only and then optimize for mobile. Desktop tend to convert better AFAIK.

The design of site is perfect but it is not responsive. You should make it responsive first so i can work on mobile devices perfectly…
Color scheme is perfect and very attractive. Keep it up

Nice work. Great colors. Good idea to remind readers about yourself in the end. I mean where you describe yourself with photo)

As promised, I’ve looked at your site on desktop, and it’s definitely a better experience, although personally I dislike having to do a huge amount of scrolling to get past multiple large images, just for the sake of a few lines of text. I’d prefer a clear introductory paragraph at the top, with the option to scroll for more information if required.

Your home page is also pretty large and was noticeably slow to load.

26 scripts and 16 style sheets for one page? Combining some of those to reduce server requests, and using compression, would be a good first step.

I know you’ve said you concentrated on desktop because that’s where you expect your initial business to come from, but if I were looking for a mobile app designer, I’d want to see how their work looks on mobile, too.

To reiterate what the previous comments say, I think it’s extremely important that your website design aligns with what you are selling, so you really should consider optimizing for mobile!! From an aesthetic point of view, I like the fact that it’s a simple layout and fairly to-the-point. However, maybe to showcase your skills a bit you should use your website to show potential customers what you are capable of? Do something a little fancy and different?

Thank you!

Indeed it’s very heavy. Tried to optimize the images and videos as much as I could, but that was my idea to show what every deliverable would look like for easier understanding. The large number of styles and scripts is produced by WP, and since I don’t code it was the only option for me. Thank you for you response, I think it needs to be rebuilt as more shortened standalone page.

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Well I planned to show these deliverables as a small portfolio inside the page, to let the customers know what to expect. I have also a separate portfolio page. Do you think it’s good to merge them? It would add length to already long lp :slight_smile:

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