Any ideas as to why the form isn't working correctly?

This is my friends website:

Contact Us : Brew Brothers Homebrew Products!, Come join the family

The contact form (all the forms actually) the cursor appears 1-2 spaces behind the character you are typing. When you go to edit the field that you have already filled, the cursor will only go to the beginning of the field.

Any ideas?


Unable to recreate what you describe – though I have to ask is the problem specific to a certain browser?

That said, the markup for that page is some really bloated nonsense – endless div and classes for NOTHING, stuff inside the form that aren’t even form elements, line-breaks for paragraphs, address around non-address content, clearing breaks, tables for layout, nonsensical use of heading tags, comment placements that could trip rendering bugs, tranny doctype meaning it’s built on 1990’s code, tags and attributes that have no business even being in HTML after 2003ish… hardly a shock then it’s 14k of markup for 1.5k of plaintext, or basically around 7k of HTML’s job.

Of course it’s zen-cart, so it’s not like they had a lot of control over the rubbish markup it vomits up, tries to call a website, then everyone scratching their heads “why doesn’t it work” or “why is it so hard to skin?”

thanks, it looks to be a problem in IE8, Firefox seems to work correctly, although the contact fields open the location map :slight_smile: