Any idea why 2nd columns won't show in M$ ie?

This page is generated in php, and creates a HTML drawing of columns and rows. In FF & Chrome they look excellent, but in IE they simply hide a lot of resources.

As you can see, those “hidden” resources are there making space, but they can’t be seen. Not IE nor FF shows any errors in their consoles.

it’s quirks (older ie browsers) mode that hides the rest. try ie8 with browser mode ie8, document mode ie8 standards, or a xhtml strict DTD. and you use a 900px width of an table layout (50+800+50), and a 354% width for a nested table inside this 100% table to “extend” your page. what did you expect :slight_smile: ? it will only “work” as it is in ie8 in standard mode, as far as the ie family is concerned right now.

your layout it really is like “a picture worth a thousand words”, only in a bad way, it’s worth a thousand elements to make. i believe an image would be better for what you are doing there. it’s definitely not a markup you are trying to describe over there :slight_smile: if you want one, the way you’re it doing right now it’s not the one. $ has nothing to do with your problem. you are better off pulling this using ms word and then save as html :slight_smile: