Any HTML5 fan?

Hey guys. I wanted to know how effective is HTML 5 for designing new websites. And how is it different from the old version? What are the new features?

HTML5 adds some new features to HTML that may or may not be good ones, depending on your perspective. It’s still in development, though, so its use is a bit premature right now … often needing JavaScript to make it work. As for its features, you really should do some research. There are lots of sites that detail what’s new in HTML5.

HTML 5 currently proposes adding a number of useful additions as well as a few things that make no sense. Hopefully the things that make no sense will be removed before it becomes a standard.

A few examples of some of what makes no sense.

  1. Addition of the <embed> tag - only required to support Netscape 4 as all browsers more recent than that support the <object> tag which is the HTML 4 standard way to embed objects. It seems a bit late to be considering adding something only needed to support a long dead browser. (embed was a proprietary Netscape tag that some other browsers support)

  2. Addition of the <iframe> tag to cater for the fact that IE6 doesn’t allow you to turn off the borders when you use the standard <object> tag for the purpose. Again a bit late considering that IE6 should also be dead by the time HTML 5 becomes a standard. (iframe was an IE proprietary tag that most other browsers also support - HTML 4 flagged it as obsolete even though it was never part of the prior standard).

  3. Addition of the “required” attribute to input fields. Since HTML 5 is also adding a “pattern” attribute and since the pattern can easily specify whether the field is required or not the pattern attribute makes the required attribute obsolete. With both there you can spcify that a field is mandatory and must be empty both at the same time.

I’m working on making what I call HTML 5 hybrid sites. It is a hybrid since the standard isn’t official and browser support is all over the place depending on what new HTML 5 item you are using. Case in point, Android’s support of HTML 5 forums is one step up above non-existent.


That’s why there are various JS polyfills. I don’t know why people are bothering with this, but I guess it’s worth being aware of, anyhow.