Any hosting company offer free dedicated IP?

hi all,
i just want to know hosting company any hosting company can offer free dedicated IP?


if u bought vps or dedicated , u will get free ip

Even reseller accounts gets free dedicated IP’s. But it seems he is asking about shared plan with free dedicated IP. Please make your question a bit clear regarding this.


Usually you should pay for dedicated IP.


Dedicated, VPS, and reseller plans where a dedicated IP is necessary in order for the hosting to work will all have the cost of that IP address included in the price.

Shared hosting where a dedicated IP address is seldom needed would either not offer it at all or would charge extra for it.

There is no such thing as a free anything when it comes to hosting you either pay money for what you get (either separately or by having it included with something else) or you pay in some other way. Paying money is usually the cheapest option.

A dedicated IP will only cost you a few dollars each month. I wouldn’t be concerned if one isn’t included with your hosting plan, just buy one separately. :slight_smile:

I think most hosts will give you 1 dedicated ip free of charge. This shouldnt be too hard to find. Chances are if it is not included its a very slight upgrade to the plan. $1-$2

HostGator $2.00 per month
BlueHost $2.50 per month
LunarPages $2.95 per month

Thank you for your all information, i would try to buy one!

Generally it will cost a few bucks for a dedicated IP unless you have a vps etc like others have mentioned but you might ask your host you might be surprised that they might offer you one , or discount it based on your term that you have been with them we have long timers that when asked for such things as ip’s we throw in as additional customer service reward points you might say but it depends on the size of the host and if they are truely the actual host vs a resold reseller

hi all,
i just want to know hosting company any hosting company can offer free dedicated IP?

I think that is only possible when that is included into the web hosting package. There are lots of web hosting packages include IP. But you won’t be able to find that for free just for free from any provider


The main question, is why do you think you need a dedicated IP?


I doubt that you will find dedicated web hosting for free.

Tha answer to that question should identify the type of hosting that you need and if it is a situation where a dedicated IP is really required then the type of hosting that you need will most likely have the dedicated IP included in the price. There are very few uses for a dedicated IP on the types of hosting that don’t include them.

If you get a dedicated or VPS hosting plans you will of course receive the dedicated ips along with the plan. Dedicated ip indeed is needed for SSL purposes for any domainname.

Anything where you need the protection of a security certificate to encrypt the info for the short time it takes to travel from the client to the server also requires security on the server so as to ensure that the info can’t be accessed due to a security hole in a script belonging to some other site hosted on the same server. To have control of all of the scripts so as to prevent that far more likely security hole from causing issues requires a VPS as the minimum level of hosting account. That type of account will have its own IP address simply due to the fact that you can’t have a VPS without one.

Most situations where you use a security certificate with shared hosting it is really a false sense of security since the data is at least potentially accessible from other accounts on the hosting.

i saw thinkhost gives free dedicated ip.

i think for ssl we require dedicated ip.

is thinkhost good hosting company?

If you are going to launch a big business online, an IP should be of no concern for you, even if you are going to purchase a yearly package for that.

Getting a dedicated Internet Protocol address Isn’t that expensive,Companies charge between 2-4$ depending on the organization,dedicated Ip’s are available for free too,but I believe you need to purchase a High end plan to get those benefits.

Any hosting that is intended to be used for the type of site where a dedicated IP is required will have the IP included in the price. If the IP isn’t included in the price then that is a good indication that the hosting is not really intended for the type of site you want to use it for.