Any Help or ideas would be great!

Looking to see if anyone would have an idea of how to go about finding out or how to fix this problem we’ve had for 2 month’s now as our team is out of ideas.

Our Google Analytics is not even close to the true numbers. On November 9th our visitor’s number were up over 30% and within 4 days it was up almost 100% with page view’s, time on site dropping by 50% and bounce rate doubling.

We had not changed anything with the site and would like to get this fix ASAP. We have emailed Google 7 weeks ago and still no word back after 7 weeks.

We’re at the point of stripping all Google Analytics code off and starting over, but I would hate to have my team do that, so any ideas would be great.

Thanks for your Help ahead of time!

How do you know your “true numbers?”

Offhand, I’d check the browser breakdown. If one is a zero, you might have a script problem on that platform.

Thank you for your input!!

We did check that out with our coding and almost think its the same problem we had a few years ago with Google had changed something on there end and had to send a code to fix it.

*There are no true numbers just a around about +/- 3 to 5%.