Any HD Camera worth purchasing?

I’ve noticed that one of two of the newer digital cameras have an HD video recording feature. After browsing youtube I found only one example of such footage. It certainly looked like HD quality, it was very clear, the only problem was that the frame rate appeared to be not so great. Does this tend to be a problem with all of the HD footage digital camera? If I can find one thats of acceptable quality, I’ll probably avoid purchasing a camcorder.

I guess it depends on your use for video. Certainly digital cameras are in their infancy for integrating HD video capability. The Nikon dSLR offering certainly have issues with focus and sound capabilities.

If you are serious about recording HD video my guess is you will be waiting a few years yet before the digital camera technology gets anywhere close to what digital video cameras offer.

Thanks for the reply Slackr. I suspect that you’re right. In a couple of years the framerate and sound issues will likely be diminished somewhat.

I think technology is developing so fast, that if you consider to use it for several years, today you have to buy HD DV camera definatelly…

Personally i says that it’s really good one. The body of the Flip is made of a polished plastic shell and it is very comfortable to hold and use. The Flip Mino is most famous for its incredibly small form factor. The Mino is very easy to use. Even your mom or dad would be able to use the controls. The video software included with the Flip Mino HD is very user friendly.

Consider buying quality camera. It depends and vary on your needs. In my opinion, Canon provides an easy user-friendly features. Your images can be masterfully edited on your preference, you just have to navigate on the buttons. The sleek design is also good, its style is way better.

Nikon D90 has an HD video.

thanks Jeffreyw today I come to know nikon has an HD video

So has the new d5000

Although Ive not purposely shot any HD video with my Canon 5D MKII. i have seen some remarkable video shot with this camera.

there is a fair amount of commerical work being done with them at this point

Canon Vixia HG20 is a good one. It creates excellent HD video, but kinda bulky.

I have a 5D Mark II, and the video quality is amazing. When coupled with a L series lens, it will amaze you how clear the video is.

Funnily enough, it’s the highest quality video camera that I have, and I’ve only used the video function twice (I’ve had it for almost a year now)!

[FONT=“Georgia”]Keep in mind the video may have been compressed by Youtube, or compressed before uploading, or your computer’s RAM or Internet speed maybe factors too.


What about the new Canon G11?

Canon 50D also has HD video

The Canon 50D does NOT have HD (or any) video. The Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, Digital Rebel T1i, and 1D Mark IV do.