Any guitarists about?

Are there many players around here? Been playing around 15 years with a few bands. Some alright some bad:eek: Working on acoustic stuff now for a change up.

So anyone play or in bands right now?

i’m a hack, bang around on mine every now and again. i have a couple of acoustics. i’ve never really played in a band but did sit in with a group of musicians at a work christmas party one year. i’ve also played at church a bit.

i’d like to be a better player but, in terms of priorities, there are so many other things that seem more important so i don’t get the chance to practice as much as necessary to get better.

There are quite a few players in the forum and many of them play the guitar (I guess it is one of the favourite instruments)

Fortunately for you, I don’t play :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, playing in a band is something different… I do know of one who might… not sure… and certainly we have a member that comes from time to time that was very closely related to the music business before heading for the web…

@bbolte - Hey it all counts. I usually pick a guitar up when i can’t figure something out web related, just to clear my head (happens a lot lately with Jquery!).

@molona - I guess putting a forum band together is out then!

I’m finding the life as a solo player a lot different from the band days. Everything is on you, which is good in most ways i guess.

Kind of similar to going freelance as a web designer, from being employed as one.

Dropped my favorite one on the floor a few days ago after a couple drinks with a house full of people. :frowning:

Ah man:(

Still, if it survived, then the odd knock n scrape gives it character!

yeah cracked the finish on the body around the neck. The sad part was the embarrassment of doing it in front of others. To many drinks that night. Aside from the floor drop the rest of the time was great, all the neighbors came over. We had two other players there. It was a fun time!

I play a bit, when i feel for it. i don’t pick it up every day, but when i feel for it… the guitar is like a good friend…

i own seven guitars, acoustic steel / nylon strings, el guitars and bass guitars, and i play 'em all.

I’m not in a band, but use to jam along with friends down in my homestudio on the first floor in my house.

I formed a death metal band in college and since then played all types of music and finally settled into acoustic/finger style/jazz. I still amp up and get some noise out of my system now and then.

An underrated guitar that beats a martin, for the price, (I think) is my Epiphone Masterbilt. It has two pickups (two separate jacks) and I play straight acoustic out of one and I connect my POD to the other and can switch between pickups… it is a lot of fun.

Cool, what was the name? Did you record anything? I want to hear it if you did! I will trade you songs I recorded for songs you got. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we did not record. It was early 90’s and we were probably the first death metal and in India at that time. Toured a lot, no recording though.

We were called Bone Saw (I think it was after a Morbid Angel song).

For those who are not too familiar with the Death Metal scene in India - here is a band and video that might surprise you:

Bummer :frowning:

I like the band in the video. :slight_smile:

I’m not much of a fan of electric guitar, and I’m certainly not a fan of death metal :stuck_out_tongue:

However I play Acoustic guitar. I’ve been teaching myself for about 8 months now, at least a couple of hours each night. I also go to a local acoustic night every Monday, which is much more of a learning experience than playing alone could ever be :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here. I’m a total hack but enjoy pluggin the ipod into my Korg pandora and my Ibanez and pretending I’m Joe Satriani or Bonamassa for a little bit. I bought the original “Metal Method” course years ago but have yet to really learn how to properly play anything. :slight_smile:


Actually I just started looking around for a new band to play in…

Been a player for some good 16 years now, playing a lot of different stuff. I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve gone from satriani/vai crazy through indie/rock to Jazz, through metal to classical…

Was in a band called ChuckNinja while in uni and we rocked … keep on meaning to get this VCR of us playing digitised for posterity. That was the band I did most gigging with. I’ve played with others but sometimes the chemistry just doesn’t click. Might be great mates but the music never has any life. :eye:

Love playing the guitar, the freedom and getting lost in a song is amazing.
Been playing for a few years and also have an Ibanez, Fender Strat, Strat copy, Electro Acoustic and a Spanish acoustic.

You guys & girls may like what’s planned for SitePoint in the near future :wink:

a sitepoint band will be performing live on podcast at 21:00 PM every saturday ?