Any great SEO tips to market dating website (similar to eharmony or dream marriage)?

I am working on creating dating website, and I wonder if anyone has an experience with SEO campaign or building a successful dating website.

This isn’t the place for SEO. SPF is not (to the best of my knowledge) an SEO forum. A lot of people dislike SEO. Frankly, I think it’s ‘cheating’ the web. Let the best website win.


Edit: Not to mention Website Design…SEO…Website Design…SEO…what?

Thread moved to the Internet Marketing forum. You’ll likely get better responses to your particular question in here. :slight_smile:

By the way, do you have a specific question, or were you just looking for general tips?

No, sorry, you’ll get no answers here at all. Not in this thread. Why? Because we’ve already had this discussion several times before. Please use the search feature to find those threads and read what they have to say, and also read the SEO FAQ, which has lots of general information about SEO that apply to all sites.

If, after reading those, you’ve still got any specific questions that haven’t been answered, please do come back and start a new thread. In the meantime, I’m closing this one.