Any good wysiwyg css editors for Mac?

I’m on a mac and sometimes I work with some great free scripts that people make.
Sometimes I buy them and the nice thing is that you are able to edit pages and make them look the way you want it.

If they are written in plain html I use Dreamweaver and get all the css up and can edit and I can see what is happening and where things are happening, but when using a pro written php huge script it’s kind of nestled into code and there isn’t just a plain page to work with where everything is on the page. Usually there are a lot of includes to make things appear where they are supposed to appear and not on the same page.

So, it’s pretty hard to change an area of colors or a style of a part on a page without looking at it.
Dreamweaver is a great tool for this in html, but when it comes to php and pages loaded into other pages, it’s not that easy.

Is there any application that is useful for editing css in this way? So you can see on the screen what is happening.
Or do I have to change code and upload and see what is changing and play around?

What are you people out here doing when changing things like this?

Personally, in such a situation, I prefer to view the resulting page in a browser and see how it renders. Then if I need to change a style, it’s easy to find the relevant line in the style sheet by inspecting the element in the browser (right click > Inspect Element).

So, no-one is using any WYSIWYG for this? Would be so simple to see what is happening live on the pages.

If you don’t want to upload, you could use a local server environment such as MAMP for testing. It just means that you save your work and it’s ready to view—though still in the browser.