Any Good and Reliable Free HTML Storage Server?

Hello, Any Good and Reliable Free HTML Storage Server where I can store my practice codes?

Thank you

Why not use a localhost on your PC?
I use XAMPP and there a other similar ones.

The purests say you should install everything yourself rather than using a package like above. But if you are just starting out that may be a step to far.

Thanks Rubble but I am looking for one which can be accessed online from anywhere.

You can use sites like or for storing your code online

Thank you but I am looking for a server hosting with FTP or Cpanel. I did Googled in Google but got no good ones… Seems I have to indeed buy a hosting and domain name :slight_frown:

There are few free hosting sites like
but to honest I have never used them so can’t comment on the service side of these sites

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I had not thought of that @littlebirdy

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I have an account at… it’s a bit slow at times, but oh well, okay for testing/having things online. :-) The URL is decent (like, and you get a couple of SQL DBs (including phpMyAdmin) as well as FTP access with the free package, but unfortunately no direct SSH access. (But then again: oh well.) ^^ Pretty standard Apache server, .htaccess rewrites are enabled, no Cron though.

Support is good too – I had to contact the maintainer once and got an immediate and helpful response.

If you want to fiddle with node, you might check out hereku – it gets recommended rather frequently, but I haven’t tried it myself.

Wow Thank you… Will save the link… I am also considering Github pages :slight_smile:

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